Why 4 Men’s Reiki??? I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2006 here in Southern California. Attending many Reiki Groups and Reiki Shares, generally I was the only male presence at most of these groups. The first thing I learned at these groups is that women and men channel energies differently. A group of women will merge and unite easily to channel Reiki where as men are more individual and approach energy work on a more personal level. There is nothing wrong with either approach, just that the genders are wired differently and have a much different approach when it comes to energy healing.
I seek to draw out the best from each person wether in my Reiki Training, Reiki Groups or my one on one Reiki Mentoring. I set out to create an environment where both men and women can come together to learn the art of Reiki with my attention to each gender’s role in energy healing. All my classes have both men and women and we have an AMAZING time learning and sharing Reiki with each other and learning how to transform the environment around us. I work very hard to ensure that a high vibration environment is available to everyone regardless the setting so that they may experience that connection this life is steering us to.